Knock Their Socks Off: 7 Job Interview Tips That Guarantee Success

So, you’ve followed all our suggestions on job hunting, and now you finally have scored a job interview with the company of your dreams. Congratulations! Here are some job interview tips to help you ace that interview and score the job you’ve always wanted.

So, you’ve followed all our suggestions on job hunting, and now you finally have scored a job interview with the company of your dreams. Congratulations! Here are some job interview tips to help you ace that interview and score the job you’ve always wanted.

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1. Research the Company

This job interview tip may seem basic, but it’s always a good rule of thumb to look up the company conducting the interview. With the internet basically at everyone’s fingertips, it doesn’t make any sense to avoid seeing what the hiring company’s needs are, and how you could fit into those plans.

Similarly, many hiring managers quiz interviewees on their knowledge regarding the company. If an applicant can’t answer simple questions, the manager assumes the interviewee simply isn’t all that interested in the company or the position. Trust us, make sure to research the company.

2. Ask About Attire Before the Interview

When notified that you have a job interview, there will always be an opportunity to ask questions before the big day. One question that you should always ask is what type of attire is appropriate for the interview. Traditionally, women and men would wear suits to work every day. Now, times have changed, and different offices have different dress standards. The easiest way to find out what to wear is to ask the hiring manager for confirmation.

For example, you can ask something like “should I wear a suit or is business casual okay?” This allows the hiring manager to make the final decision while showing that you understand the clothing needs of the workplace.

Under no circumstances should you ever arrive at a job interview in casual clothing, no matter what the hiring manager may say. Unless your position involves physical labor, dress in at least business casual. Otherwise, you run the risk of underdressing for the interview, and therefore the job.

3. Be On-Time

This seems like another basic job interview tip, but you would be surprised how often interviewees blow a big interview because they don’t make it on-time to the meeting. Make sure to allocate enough time for anything and everything to go wrong, as it inevitably will, and similarly make sure that any type of transportation that you decide to use is working properly.

If you are using a ride-sharing service, make sure that your smartphone is fully charged the night before the interview. Losing out on a great job because of a dead cell phone is heartbreaking, but it does happen.

If you are driving, make sure that your car is as reliable as possible. Plan for the unexpected, as anything may occur on the day of a job interview.

Finally, if the unthinkable does happen and you have a medical emergency or a car accident, call the company immediately and apologize. Most likely, the company will reschedule the job interview in this case, and if they don’t, maybe the job wasn’t so great after all.

4. Bring Multiple Resumes

Most interviewers will inevitably ask you for another resume when you’re being interviewed, no matter how many you’ve sent previously. Expecting the interviewer to print out the resumes before you arrive will appear as if you are unprepared for the interview.

Keeping this in mind, always have at least two extra copies of your resume on-hand, and possibly bring three or four. Printing resumes are cheap, and it doesn’t make any sense to have an awkward moment during a job interview because there aren’t enough resumes to go around.

5. Have References Ready

Most of us procrastinate on contacting references and letting them know that a prospective employer may be calling and asking questions. However, just before a job interview is an excellent time to let references know that they may be getting a call.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should ask someone’s permission before listing them as a reference for anything, especially for something as important as a job. Make sure that all contact information is up to date for the reference and bring a written list that you can easily hand over when the interviewer asks.

6. Prepare for Common Questions

Job interviews tend to ask the same questions, and it would be foolish of you not to be prepared. For example, one common question is “What do you consider to be your greatest weakness?” The unprepared interviewee usually says something like “I don’t have any weaknesses”, which is probably untrue. Everyone has a weakness in one form or another. The interviewee sounds naïve or, at worst, dishonest.

Instead, decide on answers to questions like these beforehand, and be honest, although putting yourself in the best light is also a recommended job interview tip. Whether you’re a slow, methodical worker who takes a while to understand things or you enjoy certain tasks more than others, these traits have their beneficial sides too and can be explained in a positive light.

However, if you have serious issues in the workplace, such as procrastination or an inability to get along with your co-workers, you should be working on those. Therapy or self-help may go a long way in helping with those issues and finding a job may be easier with the treatments that these remedies impart.

7. Treat Everyone with Respect

No matter who you are or what position you are interviewing for, realize that everyone working for the company is valuable. Treat the receptionist and parking attendant with dignity. You never know who is related to whom, and many job interviews have been torpedoed by a mild case of road rage in a parking garage right before a meeting.

Seven Job Interview Tips for a New Professional Life

Although these job interview tips may seem like no-brainers, they will help in nearly every job interview. Take the time to study them, and you will be giving yourself a leg up on the competition. While jobs are plentiful today, a great job that fits your talents is still rare. Give yourself every opportunity at happiness by following these job interview tips.

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