The Ultimate Guide to No-Cost Resume Builders

Make your resume stand out by using a no-cost resume builder that helps you present yourself to employers better.

While many job seekers have been taught how to write resumes, some of that training has gotten old and stale. There are new types of resumes coming into fashion and keeping up with the latest trends is a great way for job seekers to have their resumes stand out from the pack.

However, most job seekers have their hands full looking for employment, especially if their unemployment was sudden and unplanned. What can a job seeker do when they want to set up the latest fashionable resume, but can’t because they simply don’t know how or don’t have the time?

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Fortunately, that’s where these new resume builders come in. All the job seeker needs to do is input the information and the no-cost resume builder does the rest!

10 Highly Recommended No-Cost Resume Builders

1. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn doesn’t claim to be a resume builder per se, it does have a rudimentary PDF tool which can function as a no-cost resume builder in a pinch. LinkedIn only has one template, which cannot be changed. The resume that it creates appears dated and isn’t especially eye-catching. All in all, LinkedIn can design an adequate resume in a pinch, but almost any other program will probably have more robust options.

LinkedIn also allows a job seeker to upload his or her own resume, and that is generally recommended. Using one of the programs listed below and then uploading the finished resume to LinkedIn is an excellent plan of attack.

2. Indeed

Indeed is so ubiquitous when it comes to job hunting that the resume builder is almost a must-use.  While having some of the same limitations as LinkedIn (one template with little variation), the resume generated by Indeed seems a bit more modern. It looks like a hand-crafted resume, not something generated by a machine.

Of course, after the resume is generated, it can be sent to multiple employers with Indeed’s expansive controls. Over 100 million people have their resumes on Indeed, due to their robust tools that match employers with prospective employees. Almost any job seeker’s first stop will be Indeed.

3. My Perfect Resume

The first of the true no-cost resume builders, My Perfect Resume has loads of features, including multiple templates and formats. The templates are listed on their website as appropriate for various sorts of businesses, and it is painless to find a template that will work with almost any job that the user would want to apply for. There is also a keyword booster, so the job seeker can make sure that the resume highlights appropriate experience.

There are multiple samples to help the job seeker understand the factors that make for an outstanding resume. However, if the job seeker is too busy to create a resume, by inputting some text and hitting a button, My Perfect Resume will create the resume itself!

4. Cultivated Culture

Cultivated Culture is unique. Instead of matching employers with employees online, like LinkedIn and Indeed do, this company instead relies on in-person referrals to create employment matches. It is a concept which has been lost in our modern era.

The template selection for Cultivated Culture is not large, but the few that they have are impressive, and all are 100% free. According to the site, these templates can land a job at top Fortune 500 companies. They also are all customizable, which helps an individual resume stand out from the crowd.

5. Resume Genius

Unlike many of the other no-cost resume builders, Resume Genius simply asks a few questions and then creates a resume based on that information. Despite that simplicity, Resume Genius claims multiple successes, including employees based at Verizon and UCLA.

The service has multiple templates that are subjectively attractive and offers a resume consultation service as well.

6. Zety

Zety claims to allow a user to create a resume in less than five minutes. While the interface and template options look familiar (although Zety has 20+ templates), what differentiates Zety from its competitors is its robust cover letter generator.

Cover letters are an important part of any job seeker’s arsenal and they often get forgotten by people just getting back into the job market.


One of‘s unique features is a partnership with Indeed. So, the savvy job seeker no longer needs to use Indeed’s limited resume building capabilities in order to send their resume to Indeed’s countless employers.

Otherwise, offers the usual features. The system has multiple templates, as well as many samples to study. They also have sample cover letters for the job seeker to check out.

8. Novoresume

Novoresume has a slick interface, although many of its features are behind a paywall. However, the templates that are available look beautiful, and they have cover letter templates as well, which is always a plus.

Even better, Novoresume has an automated resume evaluator, which will suggest such information as summary statements and titles. It’s useful if the job seeker hasn’t put together a resume in a little while.

9. Resume-Now

While having similar features to other no cost resume builders on this list, Resume-Now also has examples from “thousands of job titles”, which is supposed to make creating a resume much easier. The interface is bare-bones, but that may be exactly what a job seeker in a hurry needs. Everything takes place on one screen, and the job seeker can be done in 15 minutes. Maybe not elegant, but efficient.

10. Got Resume Builder

Got Resume Builder ticks all the right checkboxes. The system has several templates and fonts. There are plenty of samples, as well as informative articles. However, what sets Got Resume Builder apart from all other free resume builders are the suggestions and help options. The program has an automated resume coach that will suggest improvements in the user’s resume as the user types. Again, this would probably be useful for job seekers who haven’t created a resume in a while.

11. is a comprehensive online platform designed to simplify the resume-building process. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows job seekers to create professional, eye-catching resumes in minutes. With a wide range of customizable templates, users can easily tailor their resumes to fit different industries and job roles. also provides helpful tips and examples to guide users through each section of their resume, ensuring that they effectively highlight their skills, experience, and achievements.

Beyond its resume-building capabilities, also offers valuable features to enhance the job search process. Users can track their job applications, set reminders for follow-ups, and gain insights into how their resumes are performing with built-in analytics.

The Choice Is Easier than You Think

There are many resume builder websites out there and choosing between them is largely a matter of taste. No matter which site the job seeker chooses, they will find a useful tool to help gain employment. Consider trying a no-cost resume builder today.

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