Three Proven Job Description Formats Every Hiring Manager Should Use

The key to making effective hires is to write a compelling description of the open position. The best job description format attracts candidates with the right skills and experiences and makes the job appealing to the best candidates.
Effective Job Descriptions

The key to making effective hires is to write a compelling description of the open position. The best job description format attracts candidates with the right skills and experiences and makes the job appealing to the best candidates.

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Components of an Effective Job Description

All job descriptions need to help candidates determine if they’re good fits for the job. The description should not only define the job but also detail the necessary requirements and help weed out unqualified candidates.

The essential components of an effective job description include

  • Job Title: Be specific and make sure the title actually describes the job. Avoid generic titles, as well as specific internal company and industry lingo. Be concise; less than a half-dozen words is best.
  • Job Summary: Provide all the essential details about what the job is. Discuss the expectations for the job. Include the salary range, benefits, and what position the job reports to. Remember to include an exact location for the job.
  • Responsibility and Duties: Detail the expectations and responsibilities of the job. Be concise but inclusive. Emphasize any duties unique to this position or company. Discuss the position’s typical day-to-day activities. Paint a picture of what a person in this job actually does.
  • Requirements: Detail those skills necessary to effectively complete the job. Specify required and desired education level and area of focus. If specific previous job experience is required, note that.

Here are three job description formats you can use for accounting, general management, and sales positions. You can save your favorite and preferred modern job description templates for repeated use; that means being able to save a job description template for Google Docs, a job description format for PDF, a job description template for Smartsheets, and so on.

Job Description Format for Accounting Jobs

Use the following job description format when hiring for basic accounting positions.

Job Title

Include the specific job title. For example, if the position is for a staff accountant, call it Staff Accountant.

Job Summary

Start by stating what you want the person in this position to do – include the general tasks inherent in the job. Note which position in the company this new position reports to.

Next, list some of the more specific tasks this position will perform. For example, if the position is for a Staff Accountant, you could say that the position handles the company’s accounting processes and manages finances monthly.

Finally, include the salary range and benefits offered for this position.

Responsibility and Duties

This section is where you get very specific. State that the position is responsible for the following ongoing duties, and then list them – in as much detail as necessary. It’s best to present individual duties in a bulleted list. You want candidates to get a good feel for what a normal workday or workweek would entail.

For example, for most accounting positions you might include duties such as posting transactions to the general ledger, reconciling bank statements, conducting month- and year-end closing processes, preparing tax returns and tax payments, ensuring compliance with applicable rules and regulations, and the like.


Next, include a bulleted list of the desired requirements for the job. For an accounting position, this probably should include prior experience in this or a similar position, advanced spreadsheet skills, strong math skills, attention to detail, and so on. You probably want candidates to have a degree in Accounting, as well.

Job Description Format for General Management Jobs

Use the following job description format when hiring for general management positions.

Job Title

Write the formal title for this position, such as General Manager or Office Manager.

Job Summary

State that your company is looking for this position to perform general duties, such as overseeing staff, budgets, and operations. Note which other position in this company this position reports to.

Next, include a paragraph that describes the responsibilities of this position in more detail. You should probably state that to be successful in this position, the candidate should be a strong leader of people, a confident decision-maker, and responsible for results.

Finally, list the salary range and benefits for this position.

Responsibilities and Duties

This section should include a bulleted list of the specific day-to-day duties expected of this position. For most general management jobs, these should include things such as setting monthly and yearly goals, managing budgets, controlling expenses, managing and motivating employees, and overseeing daily operations.


Use a bulleted list to detail the requirements you seek in a qualified candidate. These will likely include things like prior experience as in this or a similar management position and strong communications and organizational skills. Most employers also want their managers to have a BS/BA in Business or another relevant field.

Job Description Format for Sales Jobs

Use the following job description format for sales positions.


Note the formal title of the open position, such as Sales Associate or Sales Representative. Use the terminology common in your company and industry.

Job Summary

Provide a brief summary of who you’re looking for, such as “We are looking for results-driven Sales Associates to drive sales for our company.” Include a description of the general duties of the position, and finish with the compensation type and range for this job, including benefits.

Job Description

Use a bulleted list to describe what this position does on a daily basis, such as being knowledgeable on new products and features, meeting customer needs, providing service and support, cross-selling related products and services, and building long-term relationships with customers.


Detail what the minimum requirements are for this position, such as prior sales experience, a track record of meeting or exceeding sales quotas, ability to work flexible shifts, and more. Most sales candidates need at least a high school degree to qualify.

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