Learn to Navigate Today’s Job Search with These 8 Tips

Looking for a job but not sure if you’re doing it right? Here we share eight easy-to-do job search tips that can motivate you to grab that dream position.

Today’s job market doesn’t really bear a resemblance to the job markets of yesteryear. The modern job seeker needs to be internet- and computer-savvy, understand the basics of marketing themselves, and be outgoing as well as flexible when it comes to finding that perfect job.

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8 Job Search Tips to Get the Right Job

Here we share a number of job search tips which will help the modern job seeker find the perfect position:

1. Tailor Your Search

This advice seems obvious, but it’s surprising how many job seekers apply for positions that are unsuited for their abilities. While it may seem as if “the more resumes that are out there, the better,” job searching is not just a numbers game. Finding a happy medium between deluging businesses with resumes and being too picky is the key to success in job hunting. It may take a little while before the job seeker gets it right.

2. Consider Higher Positions

This job search tip goes against the previous point, which shows how complicated job seeking has become. If an advertised position opens up that may require a job seeker with a bit more experience or a few more skills, the savvy job seeker may try for it anyway, realizing that companies rarely hire the “perfect” fit, instead conducting some sort of on-the-job training. This advice can obviously be taken to the extreme—try to avoid applying as a schoolteacher if you’re a fighter pilot, but the premise makes sense.

3. Learn to Network

Unfortunately, it’s much too easy for job seekers to simply send resumes to companies all day. However, many times, this approach isn’t fruitful. Instead, what job seekers must do is get out of the house or apartment and meet people in the industry they are pursuing. All sorts of events await the savvy job seeker, and many of them are more helpful than simply sitting in a dark room pressing the “send” button and waiting for something to happen.

4. Beware Social Media!

While legitimate use of social media such as LinkedIn can definitely be an aid to job seekers everywhere, social media can also be a detriment. Complaining about past employers on Twitter? Groaning about Monday on Facebook? If these profiles are open to the public, it will be very difficult to keep prospective employers from seeing them, and they may judge harshly. At the very least, keep all profiles set to “private,” and perhaps consider getting rid of those accounts altogether.

5. Career Blogging – Better Than a Resume?

While many forms of social media can be harmful to the job seeker, some forms of publicity can actually help! Writing a blog regarding the field that the job seeker is interested in pursuing is useful and gets a potential employee’s name out there without feeling too pushy. Potential employers may take note of the job seeker’s blog and may even hire because of it. As long as a blog is competently written, it can only help the savvy job seeker.

6. Have a Plan Before Jumping Ship

Some job seekers get so fed up with their current positions that they quit before having anything else lined up. This is a mistake. No matter how much the job seeker hates their current position, they should try to tough it out while looking for other work. It’s always better to be working from a position of relative abundance instead of desperation. Besides, one of the worst red flags for anyone to have on a resume are numerous positions that the job seeker has resigned from or otherwise voluntarily left.

Also, for those job seekers that “just can’t stand another day” at the office, most unemployment insurance only covers individuals who are terminated or fired. It does NOT apply to individuals who voluntarily leave their jobs.

The employee should consider speaking with a supervisor if they are unsatisfied with their positions. It may take a while, but something they would prefer could become available within the company, making a further job hunt moot.

7. Appearance Makes A Difference

Unfortunately, when looking for a job, many of us are our own bosses, and we make lousy supervisors. Many job seekers tend to fall out of strict personal grooming habits and take on a familiar “looking for a job” aura, with messed-up hair, glazed eyes, and in the case of those who shave, perpetual five o’clock shadow. This tendency should be quashed.

Inevitably, the rumpled job seeker finds themselves in awkward situations, whether it be accidentally bumping into a former work colleague at the grocery store or having a coincidental meeting with a CEO at a restaurant. Life gives multiple opportunities, but always favors the prepared. While no one is saying that a job seeker should always dress in business attire and have all clothes freshly pressed, looking reputable in these situations goes a long way towards making the most of any chance meetings that the savvy job seeker may encounter.

8. Spend Time (and Only a Little Money!) on Self-Care

Searching for a job is more stressful than having one in many ways. The savvy job seeker understands that coming from a place of relative calm is the best way to achieve goals, and so indulges in relaxation occasionally. While it can be easy for a job seeker to punish themselves for not having a job by working non-stop to get one, layoffs happen to everyone, not every person is a good fit for a company, and many of us have gone through periods without work.

Instead, occasionally, it may be more fruitful to indulge a bit. Buying a favorite dessert, going on a walk to the park, or enjoying a free museum day can all recharge the batteries and allow for a bit of perspective on the job hunt. The job seeker should always be aware that their worth as human beings is not tied to their financial productivity.

Hang in there!

Navigating the complexities of today’s job market isn’t easy, but it is possible. With the right tools, training, and attitude, nearly any obstacle can be overcome.  Hopefully, our job search tips will help any job seeker achieve their goal, which is fulfilling and sustaining employment.

If you’re looking for a job in your area, make the hunt easier by creating a profile in Mapertunity. With your address, employers can find you based on your proximity to their job. Get yourself on the map now!

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