Revolutionize Strategic Human Resource Management with SAP HCM and Mapertunity

In the intricate tapestry of organizational success, human resources serve as the vital thread that weaves together the fabric of innovation, productivity, and growth. Much like a skilled conductor orchestrating a symphony, HR directors navigate the complexities of talent management to harmonize the workforce with strategic objectives. Imagine if this conductor were equipped with a revolutionary new baton, seamlessly blending the precision of SAP HCM with the expansive vision of Mapertunity. Together, these dynamic tools form the backbone of a transformative approach to Strategic Human Resources Management (SHRM), offering unprecedented clarity, efficiency, and strategic alignment. Join us as we explore how this innovative integration empowers HR leaders to compose a symphony of success, resonating throughout the corridors of corporate strategy.


Talent Acquisition Strategy
Talent Acquisition Strategy

Transition into the Design Phase:

As we embark on this transformative journey, envision yourself as the architect of your organization’s future, sculpting a landscape where talent flourishes and strategic objectives are within reach. Building upon the analogy of the conductor wielding a new baton, let us now dive into the meticulous design phase where we craft the blueprint for success. Here, we harness the power of SAP HCM and Mapertunity, aligning their capabilities with your organization’s unique vision and needs. Through strategic collaboration and innovative thinking, we lay the groundwork for a SHRM system that not only meets but exceeds expectations, propelling your organization towards unparalleled excellence.

Design Phase:

  1. Assessment of Current HR Processes:
    • KPI: HR process efficiency measured by cycle time and error rate.
    • SAP T-Code: Various reports in transaction code S_PH0_48000558 (Ad Hoc Query), S_PH0_48000557 (Ad Hoc Query) for HR-related process analysis.
  2. Identification of Key Metrics:
    • KPI: Employee turnover rates, time-to-fill for open positions, employee engagement scores, etc.
    • T-Code: Various reports in transaction code S_PH0_48000558 (Ad Hoc Query), S_PH0_48000557 (Ad Hoc Query) for HR metrics analysis.
  3. Integration Strategy:
    • KPI: System integration success measured by the completion rate.
    • T-Code: Custom integration solutions may require development using SAP
      ABAP or third-party middleware. Integration logs can be checked in
      transaction code SM58 (Asynchronous RFC Error Log) for errors.
  4. Talent Mapping:
    • KPI: Talent distribution analysis for different locations.
    • T-Code: There isn’t a specific SAP T-Code for talent mapping. This may involve using geographical data from SAP HCM and external tools for visualization, such as Mapertunity’s Visual Candidate Search capability.

Now we move into the implementation phase.  This is where the heavy lifting starts, not to say the Design Phase was easy, but in this phase, you start to ‘touch’ the people in the organization.  Here your training plan and recruitment process come into full view.

Implementation Phase:

  1. System Configuration:
    • KPI: System configuration completeness and accuracy.
    • T-Code: Various configuration activities can be performed in transaction code SPRO (SAP Project Reference Object) for SAP HCM configuration.
  2. Training and Change Management:
    • KPI: User adoption rate and proficiency in using SAP HCM and Mapertunity.
    • T-Code: Training records and training management can be done in transaction code PA30 (Maintain HR Master Data) and PO13 (Maintain Organizational and Staffing Data).
  3. Recruitment Process Optimization:
    • KPI: Recruitment efficiency measured by time-to-fill ratio.
    • T-Code: Recruitment-related reports can be found in transaction code PA20 (Display HR Master Data), PA30 (Maintain HR Master Data), and PB10 (Evaluate Applicant).
  4. Data Analytics and Reporting:
    • KPI: HR metrics dashboard completeness and accuracy.
    • T-Code: Various HR reports can be accessed using transaction codes such as S_PH0_48000558 (Ad Hoc Query) and S_PH0_48000557 (Ad Hoc Query) for custom reporting.

While the measurement phase is really something that should happen from the very beginning of your Strategic Human Resources Management Program, for clarity, I’ve grouped the various KPIs you need to be tracking into the measurement phase. 

Measurement Phase:

  1. Performance Monitoring:
    • KPI: Performance monitoring effectiveness based on the accuracy and timeliness of KPI tracking.
    • T-Code: Monitoring KPIs and performance can be done through custom reports in transaction codes such as S_PH0_48000558 (Ad Hoc Query) and S_PH0_48000557 (Ad Hoc Query).
  2. Feedback and Continuous Improvement:
    • KPI: Feedback utilization rate and effectiveness in driving improvements.
    • T-Code: Feedback can be collected and managed through various SAP HR modules like Performance Management or using custom development.
  3. Benchmarking and Comparison:
    • KPI: HR performance benchmarking against industry standards and competitors.
    • T-Code: Comparative analysis can be done using transaction code S_PH0_48000558 (Ad Hoc Query) or by extracting data for external benchmarking tools.
  4. ROI Analysis:
    • KPI: ROI analysis completeness and accuracy in measuring cost savings and productivity gains.
    • T-Code: ROI analysis typically involves extracting financial data from SAP FI (Finance) module using transaction codes such as FBL3N (Display/Change Line Items) and S_ALR_87012342 (Cost Centers: Actual/Plan/Variance).

Your On Your Way to Success

By following this comprehensive approach, we ensure that the client’s SHRM system is not only effectively designed, implemented, and measured, but also continuously optimized for maximum impact, leveraging the capabilities of both SAP HCM and Mapertunity to drive strategic HR initiatives and achieve organizational success.

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