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Mapertunity is an GEO Employment Opportunity Map, a Visual Job Search and Candidate Finder

Mapertunity is the new graphical way to conduct simultaneous job search and candidate searches – using a map.  It is a job or candidate finder for the 21st century. It’s new. It’s different. It’s never been done before.

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For Job Seekers

All members who want to post a job or post their resume on Mapertunity’s Map must first create a “profile.

If you’re a job seeker, the first step to ‘getting yourself on the map’ is to create a profile.  A profile is your online resume or CV.  The most important element in our system is your address.  By creating a profile with an address, employers will be able to search for and find you based on your proximity to their job.  Don’t forget to set your availability.  If you’re available for a job, but an employer doesn’t know it, you’re not going to get found.   On the other hand, you should always have your profile available and up-to-date and on the map.  After all, just because you’re unavailable doesn’t mean you wouldn’t entertain a better offer.

That’s the secret sauce to the system.  We’re making use of information that most people already have out there in the world, their address, which you can find in a phone book or even on their social media profiles..

But we all live in a mobile world and our system takes full advantage of the supercomputer in your hand, which you call a mobile phone.  When you use Mapertunity on your mobile phone, you can search for jobs all around you by simply using the map.  Want to see ‘everything, i.e., every job’ around you within 1,000 feet of your current location?  Just set 1,000 feet as your search radius and it will search and find every job listed, within 1,000 feet of your current location.

You don’t need to know the name of a particular company to do this, nor even a job title or keyword.  Just search for a job.  We have designed the system to help you find ALL opportunities you might be interested in, not just the ones you happen to find because you correctly guessed the right search term.

What is Mapertunity?

Openness and transparency in the recruiting market space is Mapertunity’s core founding principle. We don’t hide information from any party. 

Mapertunity is a Transparent graphical based job board.  Use Mapertunity to find both candidates and employers either within your own office or anywhere around the world.

Job Hunting Made Simple

When you use Mapertunity to search for either a Job or to find job candidates, Mapertunity displays the search results both on an easy to navigate Google Map as well as in a traditional job board listing format.

The map gives you the option of viewing how far away the opportunity or candidate is. Or as a starting location for your next job search or candidate search. Whether you’re a job seeker or employer, the map and filtering options gives you a lot of flexibility for locating something specific.

We use traditional powerful database search engine technology.

When using the map function, you can still search by all the normal search criteria as a traditional job board using traditional powerful database search engine technology. However, we also give you the ability to set distances in your search criteria. Results or hits are returned to you as clickable markers on the built in google map.

Just click on each map marker to see the complete search results details in a popup.

The map popups gives you the information you need to be able to directly reach out to each prospect and either call them directly with 1 touch click-to-call, or you can send them an email and introduce yourself or just send them your email as an attachment to your email.

To Get Started

The best way to get started is to Give it a try

For Employers Posting a Job

If you’re a company, and you have a job to fill, this system makes it easy.  You simply create a job posting using our system, and tell us where it is located using a real address.   Your job will appear on Google Maps, and as a registered user, you can search for candidates all around you or really, anywhere in the world.

Map + Job Opportunities = Mapertunity

By combining job seekers and job postings into one unified system, Mapertunity, you now can see all the jobs around you and all the job seekers around you.  Visually.  You can search and apply for a job, all from within the application.  You can search for candidates and ask them for a resume.   This is a Geographic Information System (GIS) for Jobs.