Make Your Resume Stand Out With These 20 Catchy Headlines

Did you know that 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at each resume? That means they only look at the resume headline and maybe the first paragraph. If they aren't intrigued by what they see, they move on to the next resume.
Catchy Resume Headlines

Did you know that 40% of hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at each resume? That means they only look at the resume headline and maybe the first paragraph. If they aren’t intrigued by what they see, they move on to the next resume.

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That’s why your resume headline is so important. It’s the part of your resume that describes you and why you’re a good fit for the job. The headline goes directly below the contact information at the top of the page, so it’s the first thing a hiring manager sees.

Catchy resume headlines are short and sweet yet include all necessary information. At first pass many HR people scan resumes, not read them, so your headline should be scannable. It also needs to be customized for each job (and sometimes each employer) to which you apply. If the resume is the first thing a hiring manager sees about you, make sure it’s not the last.

To that end, here are 20 catchy resume headlines you can adapt for your next job application. These resume headline examples will help you land your next job!

1. Veteran Middle School Science Teacher Skilled in ESL and IEPs

If you’re in the teaching profession, make sure you let hiring managers know what grade level(s) you’re looking for (in this instance, middle school), your area(s) of expertise (science), and other skills you bring to the position. For example, having experience with English as a Second Language (ESL) and Individualized Education Programs (IEP) could give the applicant a leg up over other interested parties.

2. RN with 9+ Years’ Experience in Neonatal Care and Excellent Interpersonal Skills

This resume headline can be adapted for healthcare professionals in various specialties and years of experience.  It highlights everything a hiring manager wants to know.

3. Savvy Healthcare Director with Strong Marketing, PR, IT, and Management Skills

Senior management can use this killer resume headline for positions in any industry. It highlights the applicant’s specific skillset.

4. Executive Assistant with 10 Years of Experience with Senior Management

Administrative assistants find this resume title useful for focusing on a particular level of work – in this instance, senior management. The headline can be customized for different levels of experience and to feature additional skills.

5. Administrative Assistant with Real Estate Experience and Strong Organizational Skills

Use this headline for administrative assistant positions. It details experience in a specific industry and relevant skills.

6. Top-Performing Bilingual Retail Store Manager

This headline points out the applicant’s prior performance and bilingual skills, which are increasingly important in retail management.

7. Personable Manager with MBA for Automotive Industry

This is a catchy resume headline that is ideal for white collar managers with advanced educational degrees. It also highlights the industry of focus. (You can adapt this for your own experience and industry.)

8. Project Manager in Manufacturing Industry Exceeds Deadlines by 20%

This headline is particularly effective in that it details the position desired, the industry of focus, and the applicant’s prior superior performance (“exceeds deadlines by 20%”).

9. Business Analyst with 4 Years of M&A Experience

This is another effective resume title because it highlights a particular area of expertise – in this instance, experience in mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

10. Personal Financial Analyst Saved $2.5M for Clients

Hiring managers like to know that a particular applicant has quantifiable experience. This headline points out how much money the applicant has saved clients in previous positions. (If you use this headline, make sure your personal performance is exemplary; you don’t want to highlight subpar performance!)

12. CPA with Public and Private Experience in Small Business

This is a good resume headline for accountants. It highlights the applicant’s certification (CPA), experience in both public and private accounting, and focus on small business accounting.

13. Technical Writer Seeking Project-Based Remote Work

Use this resume headline if you’re looking for freelance work rather than a full-time position. This headline makes it clear the applicant is looking for project-based work that can be done remotely.

14. Senior Nonfiction Writer, Editor, and Proofreader with Proven Skills

Make sure your resume headline details all the positions for which you’re qualified. In this instance, the applicant can work as a writer, editor, or proofreader – and the hiring manager can see all this at a glance.

15. Award-Winning Marketer and Digital Campaign Manager

If your prior work has won awards, say it! Even better if you can include the name of a specific award in your headline. Let hiring managers know that you’re good at what you do!

16. Prize-Winning Graphic Designer with 8 Years in National Agencies

Here’s another catchy resume headline that shows off the applicant’s award-winning ways. This one also details the applicant’s years of experience and the fact that that experience was with national agencies – important if that’s the type of position you’re looking for.

17. Creative Brand Evangelizer with Excellent Social Media Marketing Skills

Marketing folk like to see marketing skills applied in a person’s resume. This headline has lots of pizazz while pointing out the applicant’s relevant skills.

18. Aggressive Sales Leader Who Exceeds Sales Goals by 25%

Sales managers are looking for salespeople with a proven track record of performance – so make sure you put your performance in your resume headline. Use your resume title to sell yourself!

19. Experienced IT Support Technician with Networking Certification

If your position requires industry certification, tell hiring managers that you’re certified. If you possess a specific type of certification, mention it.

20. Ruby Software Developer with 5+ Years of Experience and Teamwork Skills

IT jobs are often quite specific. If you have experience with a specific language or IT area, state it upfront. (It’s also good to mention non-technical skills you may possess, such as teamwork skills.)

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