Today I got called off Mapertunity to go trouble shoot a customer issue with their wp forms.

Today I Was Needed To Go Support Another Customer

Yesterday I finished a major upgrade to the Mapertunity Search Tool.

I was going to promote the upgrades to production today but I got called off to go support another of our customers with their website forms.

Their forms have been live for 2 months but today they got 1 complaint from a site visitor saying they thought the date picker on the form was not easy to work with.

So I looked at the form and came up with a new date picker option for them to try. This one defaults to a wheel spinner on iPhones, which is the normal user experience.

Let’s see how the change goes once it has been live for a while.

If visitors still are not happy with the new date picker, I can write some custom code to create any kind of date picker someone might want. But before I launch into some new code, let’s see how the easy option goes first.

Our customers care about their potential customer’s satisfaction and we care about our customer’s satisfaction.

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