Styling takes forever

Spent the day styling and troubleshooting wordpress GCLID issues

Wanted to start loading more data into Mapertunity today. But got side tracked with a customer issue.

Was up all night worrying about another customer if their form data was submitting all the way to google or not.

Customer called yesterday wanting to change the date picker on one of their wpforms forms.

So I logged into the back-end of their website and looked at their date picker form options. The date picker that was there for some time was ok for PC usage but on mobile, it was a bit difficult to use.

So we wanted something that was easier for mobile users to engage with.

So I implemented that option and then spent the rest of the day styling that particular date field and the 2 additional fields that shared the same line as the old date picker.

Since the new date picker was wider than the old one, this necessitated a change to the styling to the date picker, as well as the 2 existing fields next to it.

I finished that up yesterday and then handed it back to the customer to review and try to break.

But then almost immediately after that, Hubspot which monitors the website forms and collects statistical data on each form submitted and it can then build out a nice CRM dashboard for the customer to review, it started picking up 3 additional fields.

So late at night I was already exhausted I realized hubspot was picking up the new date picker. Well after we pick up the form information, it is passed onto another vendor.

So I thought “oh boy” those new leads may not be any good without the birthday information being correct.

So I had to worry about that all night.

So got up today and tested the forms and added some print_r statements into the functions.php file to see what the forms were sending over to the server.

Luckily, the code was working correctly with the new date picker, teh birthdays were flowing in fine and we were achieving a positive feedback look with google adwords gclids and I did not need to do any adjustments in the server side code. Yay!

So I worried all night for nothing as it turned out.

But then in the after noon the customer called. They looked at the form and felt the zip code field was too wide and wanted to know if I could adjust that field width.

well yeah of course I can adjust any field in any form.

So I spent the rest of the day sizing and repositioning the fields and associated submit buttons.

And then I had to add some media queries to give myself independent style adjustments for different mobile device sizes.

The style that works for a full width screen PC may or may not work for a small iPhone for example.

But with an @media query, I can then target different styling to different screen sizes.

And it all worked out.

The code is relatively simple for me. The styling takes all day because it is a guessing game of trial and error to get the look and feel to look and feel just right.

So that’s what I got done today.

Maybe tomorrow I will start loading more data into Mapertunity.

Doug Ayers

Lead Developer,


Douglas Ayers

Douglas Ayers

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