Loaded Data For South Africa Today

Loaded Data For South Africa Today

We had a Mapertunity sign up yesterday from South Africa, so I thought well since we have users there now, might as well give them some job opportunity data.

So if you do a Mapertunity search centered on South Africa you will find “opportunities” either people who have posted their resume or companies located in South Africa who might be interested in hiring you.

Since the #1 goal of Mapertunity is to put companies and job seekers in direct contact with each other, the information is there, now it’s up to you to do the outreach to find your next Opportunity on our Map.

We have data for every country in the world, so as people sign up, I will be uploaded new opportunities.

Right now only individuals are signing up and posting their resumes and building their profiles on Mapertunity. As membership grows, companies will start joining and creating or updating their online profiles and posting jobs and doing their own direct recruiting.

Tomorrow I will be posting more data for more countries to help jump start the sign ups we had overnight.


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Douglas Ayers

Douglas Ayers

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