I Think You will like CSS Grid, It’s Good!

I Think You Will Like CSS Grid, It's Good!

I wish I had found CSS Grid a year ago. My life would have been so much easier.

But then I would not have had to struggle through learning how to lay out a web page with just HTML.

I am happy to report that I have all elements of the Job and Candidate global map fully converted over to a CSS GRID layout.

I think it is a cleaner look than the standard HTML layout using floats.

Floats are ok, but they leave you with a lot of trial and error to get a page to lay out the way you want it.

CSS Grid is more like an Engineering tool. You can precisely control what you want to do and do it with out all the trial and error.

CSS Grid also gave me the ability to create different layouts for 18 different mobile device screen sizes.

This would have taken me a very long time with floats which is the reason I wanted to convert things over to a css grid layout.

So we made it through the offline CSS Grid prototype stage. Got through getting our first page with CSS Grid up live. Finally set up separate @Media queries for all the devices supported by google Chrome.

And today, I put the final tweeks on how wide the popups should be for each screen size. They are all different so the popup’s all had to be a different size.

Yes you figure out what is a good standard as you go along and then implement that standard across all the different device sizes.

Onward and upward.

Doug Ayers

Mapertunity, Lead Developer and Co-Founder

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