Got the Map working in iPhone iOS and MacBook Pro OSX

Got the Map working in iPhone iOS and MacBook Pro OSX

Got the Map working in iPhone iOS and MacBook Pro OSX.

I was able to establish communication between the MacBook and the iPhone and then get in there to see why the map was not displaying on iPhone.

I got it fixed. It boiled down to the apple products do not like or are not yet compliant with the “request user permission” function when asking the user for permission to capture their location.

So I had to disable that for now. The command still works on a regular windows machine but in order to use the same code on both windows and apple I had to turn off that user request for now.

I need to find or design a solution that will detect the type of browser either chrome or safari and then branch different directions in the code to either ask the question 1 way for windows and ask the same question a different way on apple products.

What this means is the drop down “My Current Location” is not going to be functional until I get a new design implemented in the software.

But hey I got full up Mapertinity working on iPhone as well as MacBook Pro today and got them both styled to display properly.

Of course styling is never finished and takes all day.

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