Got Company Data for Australia Loaded Today

Got Company Data for Australia Loaded Today

Got company data for Australia loaded today. 

So if you are located in Australia and looking for work, when you log into mapertunity give Mapertunity permission to know your location.  Then position the map over Australia or leave the drop down setting to “My Current Location”.

Press the “Search” button to get an initial default search.

Then play around with the Distance as well as the Nibble size.

And you will see map data clusters of the whole country of Australia of Employers Near you.

Hover over each Employer location pin on the Map, click on it and you will see the Company profiles for each company as well as their website info, and any contact our research dept has come up with so far.

When companies start claiming their profiles, they can then more fully update their online Mapertunity company profiles.

Happy Job Hunting.

Doug Ayers

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Douglas Ayers

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