How to Build a Freelancing Team That’ll Benefit Your Business in Every Way

How to Build a Freelancer Team

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There’s no doubt about it – remote teams are the way of the future. However, it’s freelancers in particular that are benefiting businesses in a myriad of ways. So if you’re dead set on building your dream freelancing team for the ultimate benefit of your business, here is some helpful advice on how to go about it. 

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Identify your skills’ shortage

Here, you’ll want to be specific about the specific skill set your business requires. Once you are able to accurately identify and define the particular skill set you are looking for, this will make finding the right freelancer to suit your requirements that much easier. 

Where to look

The beauty of finding freelancers nowadays is that it is quite easy (not to mention cost-effective) to do with the accessibility of the internet at your fingertips. Many freelancers advertise their services on popular job boards. So if your business is active on social media, then you’re likely to come across a pool of qualified candidates with a simple search. 

Types of freelancers

Interestingly, there are many types of freelancers that fall under the freelancing umbrella. Thus, it is important to manage your expectations by sourcing the most suitable freelancers for your projects. The different kinds of freelancers you’re likely to come across include:


Independent contractors lend their skills and expertise on a contractual basis to companies looking for their particular skill set. 


Moonlighters usually have a steady full-time career, but lend knowledge or expertise to businesses on a part-time or after-hours basis as a means to supplement their income. 

Freelance businesses

Sometimes, you’ll encounter freelance businesses rather than individuals acting in their own capacity. These companies are typically the result of freelancers who have outgrown their capacity to provide their services on an individual basis and have opted to build a freelance business instead to keep up with demand. 

Communication is vital

Building a successful team of remote freelancers requires a highly functional communication system that works well at keeping the lines of communication open at all times. Moreover, because remote work is not limited to a physical location, there are many communication tools available online to keep your team members in the loop at all times, such as Slack or Asana, for example. 

Payment methods

Payment in lieu of freelance services received is not always as simple as a basic bank transfer. While this can work in some instances if you share common banking services, there are other times when you may have to consider alternative means, such as international payment platforms such as Payoneer or PayPal, for example. 

Deciding on a business structure

As with starting any business venture, you’ll have to first take care of certain admin tasks beforehand such as sorting out the accounting side of things, getting your freelancers to work according to a set schedule, drawing up contracts, etc., you also need to decide on the structure of your freelance business.

An LLC, for instance, is a good example of a flexible and simple business structure that is relatively easy to create. Furthermore, it has distinct benefits that make it a popular choice that include tax advantages, less paperwork to manage, and more. But always check the filing requirements for your state, as these may differ from state to state. If you’d rather avoid all the preparation work beforehand, a formation service can assist you with this (and often charge far less than lawyer services would).

In conclusion, starting your own freelance business is likely to come with many benefits. The process is fairly simple, too. It’s no wonder, then, why this is such a popular business venture that many are buying into. 

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