Are You A Seasoned Worker? The Benefits of Work Experience

Are you an experienced worker? Learn the benefits of work experience and how these workers are still highly sought after by hiring managers.
benefits of work experience

Suppose, after decades of service, you suddenly find yourself out of a job? What will you do? How will you find another position? No need to panic! We here at Mapertunity know many ways in which the benefits of work experience give you an advantage over your younger competition.

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1. Patience is a Virtue

Younger job seekers and employees can be flighty and may have little patience to devote to tasks that don’t provide immediate gratification. Tasks that require a lot of patience may also demand more experienced employees, who are familiar with the demands of a less immediately satisfying career.

Young people also may be superficial in their job hunt, missing lucrative employment opportunities simply because they aren’t seen as “cool” or don’t seem to have opportunities for rapid advancement. More experienced employees realize that jobs offer promotions at the most unpredictable times and circumstances and may end up thriving in jobs that most inexperienced employees would pass over.

2. Different Skills are Also an Asset

How many companies have legacy computer systems, powered by a language rarely used in the modern world, such as COBOL? These companies may be unable to upgrade, due to many reasons, such as lack of budget or security concerns. If a company loses the few employees that still understand one of these languages, the organization may be willing to pay a sizeable amount to a job applicant who knows the legacy system. While this scenario may be rare, there are many skills still in use across all fields that won’t give a veteran worker any pause.

Another benefit of work experience may be that knowing a legacy computer system factors into decision making, resulting in the experienced job seeker having an edge over other competition, rather than being the sole reason for a new hire.

Consider this example. A hiring manager realizes that most employees knowing COBOL are quickly reaching retirement age. Looking at resumes, they see a prospective employee that fills the open position’s requirements and knows COBOL. In that situation, why wouldn’t the hiring manager call this hypothetical prospect for an interview, regardless of the candidate’s age?

Legacy skills are an incredible advantage for the experienced employee.

3. Experienced Workers Generally Have Polished Interpersonal Skills

Remember being a young employee? Learning your job, as well as how to get along with your coworkers? Fortunately, you probably have enough experience that you won’t need to struggle to get along with other people today. This may not be true of your competition, who may be just out of school and inexperienced regarding office etiquette.

Many young graduates fresh out of college have only participated in one or two group projects and have no idea how to comport themselves in a workplace. Meanwhile, you probably have had years of experience dealing with people in difficult or tense situations. Hiring managers recognize this, especially when hiring for positions that deal with the public, or when hiring for managerial positions. In these instances, the experienced employee has the advantage.

4. Mentoring Has Its Benefits

While some experienced employees shy away from sharing their skills with others, having a reputation for mentoring in the workplace has so many advantages that it makes no sense to avoid it.

For instance, you probably will be more respected among your coworkers, which will lead to an improved reputation in any functional working environment. This reputation will eventually spread to other offices, and you may even be tracked by other companies!

Also, if you have a reputation for mentorship, there’s a good chance that you’ll be called when companies need to fill a senior-level position. Hiring managers, again, are looking for candidates with good communication and social skills. Mentorship is a great way to demonstrate both traits.

Finally, the employees that you mentor may end up being a valuable lifeline if you ever find yourself out of work. Allies and friends can be difficult to come across, but once found are invaluable. There is no better way to find an ally than mentorship. Teaching others is a selfless act, and once given, selfless acts tend to be repaid in kind.

5. Blogging is Easier If You’re Experienced

You know to blog, especially if you’re unemployed, right? Blogging about work subjects can be a quick way to get another job, especially if the blog is clever and has a lot of information about the subject. Do you know who has a lot of information about a workplace topic? Experienced employees do.

As an experienced employee, you contain a river of information about your workplace, your career and how to cope with difficult situations. This will make it easy for you to write a blog. Blogs are great because they establish your expertise in a field without looking as if you’re bragging. People will pay attention to your online work due to the benefit of your experience. You probably will get a job much faster than you would if you didn’t have one. Start writing a blog today.

6. Experienced Workers Tend to Bring in a More Monied Clientele

According to a recent study, experienced workers who deal with the public tend to attract a more mature client base. That’s great news for any company, as people who are more mature tend to have more disposable income. So, having a more mature face behind the counter has a good chance of making a company more money! That’s a terrific reason for an employer to hire an experienced employee.

Experienced Employees Are Worth a Fortune to a Savvy Company

While it may seem daunting to find another position if you find yourself to be unemployed after the age of 35, it is more than possible to find a fulfilling career. As long as you shake off any negativity from your previous job experience, and work towards your ultimate goal, you will be successful. All it takes is a hiring manager that understands the benefit of your work experience, along with some hard work on your part. Don’t get discouraged! Get started and find your dream career!

If you’re an experienced job candidate looking to connect with outstanding employment opportunities, contact us at Mapertunity! We’re here to help.

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