Spent the day Styling for Mobile experience

Spent the day Styling for Mobile experience

Made a change to one of our marketing customer sites a few days ago. 

We changed the date picker format which significantly improved the mobile conversion rate.

We also added some @media queries specifically to make the mobile experience more unique to mobile and less PC centric.

Both changes helped the customer improve their conversion rate, quite a bit.

So I wanted to implement both changes here at Mapertunity.

So I had already changed the date picker to be more mobile friendly. Of course anytime you change something on the page, you then have to adjust the styling for the page. So I did that.

Also, in the Chrome Developer tools there are simulators for different mobile devices. So I was telling the company President that on Mobile our site is not so mobile friendly.

So I spent all day yesterday working on the styling for Mobile devices. I focused primarily on the search bar,

I had to add several @media queries to adjust the styling depending upon the user mobile device of choice. And on a real iphone, it does actually look just like the simulator.

Now there are 2 different types of screen sizes. One if the mobile device screen size which is fixed for each product. The other is what happens when someone detaches the browser window and resizes that on a PC. That also needs it’s own media query to get the look and feel right. 

I don’t have it rock solid yet. But it is certainly better than it was on Mobile and PC.

There are 2 sections below the Job Map I am not yet sure what to do with for mobile viewing. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

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